Kinds of Expert's Evaluations

puce2 Kinds of expert evaluations :

  • Private expert evaluation, at individuals or associations request
  • Insurance expert evaluation, at insurance companies request
  • Judicial expert evaluation, civil or criminal, at magistrates or courts request
  • Administrative expert evaluation, at public services request
  • Social security expert evaluation, at social bodies request
  • Aid for judicial, contradictory, simple expert evaluations, or of arbitration
  • Forensic expert evaluation
  • Second assessment

Advice on pieces and documents, examination of victims or patients, drafting of experts’ reports, help to prepare files and to collect documents (Law of the 4th of March 2002, called “Loi Kouchner”), advices.

puce2 Expert evaluations :

  • After a car crash, according to the Law of the 5th of July 1985 (called "Loi Badinter")
  • After an accident in common law
  • After an industrial injury,
  • Within the context of an incapacity or a disability,
  • In professional civil liability, medical or not
  • After a sports accident, accident at home or an accident implicating an animal
  • After a contamination by the AIDS virus (HIV)
  • After ill-treatment
  • Victims of terrorism
  • Victims of asbestos

Items of prejudices in common law


Communication of medical documents

Laws governing special experts

Items of Expert's evaluations



The interface between the medical, the judicial and the insurance.

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