The most used scales

puce2 In common law: Indicative scale for the evaluation of the degrees of disability in common law, published by the Concours Médical in 1982, new version in 1993, new version in 2001
puce2 In social matter:  AT scale (for Industrial Injuries)

puce2 Military pensions: Scale for civil and military pensions

puce2 New European Scale Guide of medical evaluation of infringement to physical and psychological integrity, fitting in with a wish of harmonization, adopted by the European Union as an urgent reference in the evaluation of industrial injuries and of private life of which Europeans state employees (contract employees and statutory employees) might be victims, from the 1st of January 2006.

puce2 Contractual: there are many of them; they often get inspiration from the scale in common law, or from the AT scale.


Items of prejudices in common law

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