Communication of medical documents

puce2 The law n° 2002-303 of the 4th of March 2002 (called «loi KOUCHNER ») and its application decree n° 2002-637 of the 29th of April 2002 allows users of the health service to have direct access to their medical file, on request to the people working in the health service or to the health establishment

puce2 The communication of information can be made, either by consulting on the spot with the delivery of copies of the documents if the case arises, or by sending copies of documents, knowing that the patient will pay the costs of reproduction and of sending, even if he can then ask to have his money back to whom it may concern

puce2 The waiting period for the obtaining of the medical papers is of maximum 8 days, or even 2 months if the case dates back to more than 5 years.

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